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The basics of RolloSONIC - Configurations


In RolloSONIC, a given arrangement of modules and their individual settings is called a "Configuration". In the physical, electronic, synthesis realm, one calls this a "patch", since it's a configuration of "patch cables", or short cables used to interconnect the modules.

Allows access to configuration options

As shown in the image above, configuration options are available through the "Configuration" button. Sample configurations are available through the various categorical sub-menus of the configuration options menu.


Configurations in RolloSONIC are stored in the .RSC file format, which stands for RolloSONIC Configuration. This is text format which can be manually edited if desired, and can be sent directly in forums, e-mail, instant-messaging, and the like, and then simply saved back to an RSC file by the recipients, as long as saved in the Unicode file format, which is supported by most text editors.

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